[FWTools] converting tiff + tfw files to Geotif

Rudy Gerla rgerla at respond.nl
Fri Mar 14 04:02:48 EDT 2008


I'm trying to convert some Tif files with the corresponding tfw files to
combined geotif files, But every attempt I have made fails, the geotif
file isn't accepted. 

I have some information which might be needed for the conversion, I only
don't know how to use it. Maybe there is somebody who can help me. 

I have for .tif files which before or after converting to geotif should
be converted to one combined file. two next to each other and the other
two underneath them. 

Does some body knows how I should continue from here? 



Below is the data from the Mapinfo .TAB files for 6_2_5.tif: 

!version 300 
!charset WindowsLatin1 

Definition Table 
File "6_2_5.TIF" 
Type "RASTER" 
(162000,405000) (0,5000) Label "Pt 1", 
(162000,486000) (0,0) Label "Pt 2", 
(243000,486000) (5000,0) Label "Pt 3", 
(243000,405000) (5000,5000) Label "Pt 4" 
CoordSys Earth Projection 20, 109, "m", 5.387638889, 52.156160556,
0.9999079, 155000, 463000 
Units "m" 

and here is the content of the .TWF file for 6_2_5.tif: 



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