[FWTools] Does OGR support curves in personal geodatabase?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Nov 20 11:26:39 EST 2008

Kenton Williams wrote:
> I am trying to export some line features directly from a personal
> geodatabase into GML using OGR2OGR.  Some of the line features are curves
> (not sure if circular arcs or bezier curves).  When I export them, the GML
> file contains a record for them with only the length, no linestring or other
> coordinate description for the line.
> Does OGR support reading curved line features from a personal geodatabase?
> If so, how do I get it to read those?


No, OGR does not support curves from the personal geodatabase.

For datasources where curves are supported for reading (Oracle, NTF, DGN)
they are converted to linestrings.  The GML driver does not support curves.

There are no short term plans to add curve support to the PGEO driver nor
to add general support for curve geometry types to OGR.

There is a (vague) long term plan to implement the "new" simple features
geometry types which I believe includes curved paths for linestrings and

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