[FWTools] FWTools_setting path, env. variables

Bryan Keith bryan at ideotrope.org
Wed Oct 15 10:35:29 EDT 2008

> i can't wrap my head around this..from the FWTools ReadMe.txt :
>  "You can also use the various commands from other win32 command shells as
> long as you run the setfw.bat file in the FWTools directly first to setup
> the PATH and various other environment variables."


All this is saying is that when you start a terminal and run setfw.bat,
then the PATH variable (and others) is updated so you can run gdalinfo.exe
et al from anywhere.  You can use the fwtools shell icon or any command
prompt as long as the environment variables are set correctly.  The
easiest way to do that is to use setfw.bat

> does this mean i can call e.g. gdalinfo.exe from any path i.e. C:\windows
> or
> just C:\ from my Windows Command Window?

You should be able to call the utilities from any directory.  That's what
PATH does.

>can someone kindly point out
> where
> I'm going wrong (besides my lack of experience w/ this problem).
> do i add something to the environmental variables PATH within Windows? if

No, not if you use setfw.bat

> i'm using FWTools2.2.6 do I need to edit the setfw.bat at all before
> running
> it?

No, I believe it will work as is.

> do i need to edit my autoexec.nt or autoexec.bat?



> thanks for the guidance + patience *joe
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