[FWTools] GDAL fails when reading .rrd and .aux files created by ArcGIS Explorer

Vince Ulfig vulfig at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 18 13:01:54 EST 2009

Frank Warmerdam - fwtools at lists.maptools.org  (GDAL Product Manager) 
Dave Sousa           - dsousa at esri.com (File GDB Product Manager) 
Bern Szukalski   - bSzukalski at esri.com (AGX Product Manager) 

Hi Frank, Dave and Bern, 

You may have seen a message on this topic, but just in case you haven't: 

I have not found this bug in ESRI Support database, GDAL Bug or enhancement
lists or via Google Search. 

I've noticed that ArcGIS Explorer 9.2 (AGX) creates image pyramid (.rrd) 
and (.aux) files on image and elevation data in .tif format that 
ArcGIS 9.2 and GDAL 2.2.6 can not read. 
My recollection is that both ArcGIS and GDAL fail catastrophically 
when they attempt to read these .rrd and .aux files. 

Adding a layer to ArcMap that has an .rrd file that was created by 
AGX causes ArcMap to fail. 

GDAL data read .dlls and command line utilities fail when reading a 
.tif file that has an .rrd file that was created by AGX. 

I think that AGX overwrites .rrd files created by ArcGIS when AGX 
loads data in .tif format, but I don't recall for certain what 
happens in this case. 

The attached Python script will delete .aux and .rrd files from a directory
structure recursively. 



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