[FWTools] Contents of 2.0.6 (Linux)

Curt du Laney cdl at rincon.com
Wed Feb 18 17:37:31 EST 2009


Other than the README.1ST file, is there any way to determine the set of 
tools that are included with a release of FWTools? 

In particular I am looking for what version of GTK and PyGTK are 
included with FWTools 2.0.6.  I had assumed that FWTools 2.x.x would be 
based on OpenEV 2 and hence use GTK2 and PyGTK2.  Is that an incorrect 

 From what I can tell looking at the included version of GTK and PyGTK, 
version 2.0.6 has not been updated to GTK2.  I am basing this statement 
on starting the included version of Python (2.2.1), importing gtk and 
examining the available modules, functions, etc.  They appear to be 
unchanged from older versions.

Any help would be appreciated.

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