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Mon Jan 5 11:50:17 EST 2009

"The standard unit of measure for SPCS 27 is the U.S. Survey foot. For
SPCS 83, the most common unit of measure is the meter. Those states
that support both feet and meters have legislated which feet-to-meters
conversion they use. The difference between the two is only two parts
in one million, but that can become noticeable when datasets are
stored in double precision. The U.S. Survey foot equals 1,200/3,937 m,
or 0.3048006096 m."

I have looked through the  epsg / stateplane.csv files and notice that
all the units are in meters for coordinate systems using Nad83. I am
trying to determine if any states are officially using us survey feet
as the unit for the SPCS 83 projection.  Any insight would be much

Travis K.

Toronto, Canada
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