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Mon Jan 5 11:50:17 EST 2009

&quot;The standard unit of measure for SPCS 27 is the U.S. Survey foot. For=
SPCS 83, the most common unit of measure is the meter. Those states<br>
that support both feet and meters have legislated which feet-to-meters<br>
conversion they use. The difference between the two is only two parts<br>
in one million, but that can become noticeable when datasets are<br>
stored in double precision. The U.S. Survey foot equals 1,200/3,937 m,<br>
or 0.3048006096 m.&quot;<br>
I have looked through the &nbsp;epsg / stateplane.csv files and notice that=
all the units are in meters for coordinate systems using Nad83. I am<br>
trying to determine if any states are officially using us survey feet<br>
as the unit for the SPCS 83 projection. &nbsp;Any insight would be much<br>
Travis K.<br>
Toronto, Canada<br>
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And that failure&#39;s no success at all.&quot;<br>
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