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Mon Jan 5 11:50:17 EST 2009

resampling method works the best with aerial photo data.  You can test
this using gdalwarp:

gdalwarp -ts <x_size> <y_size> -r <resampling_method> <infile> <outfile>

But before you resample all your data, you might try adding the
following processing directive to your imagery layer:


You might find that this improves things enough.


On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 6:54 AM, Travis Kirstine
<traviskirstine at> wrote:
> We are running mapserver connected to a tilecache delivering high
> resolution orthophoto to a google maps. =A0The problem I am having is
> that we preprocess all our imagery using reduced resolutions at higher
> scales and full resolution at lower scales. =A0In the past we have used
> gdal_merge with - ps 10 10 =A0to merge tile into larger overalls and
> downsampling =A0the resolution but we have found that the image quality
> was not adequate. =A0I have been experimenting with gdalwarp using the
> different resampling methods with varied results. =A0Is there any
> consensus on which resampling method provided with gdal provide the
> optimal results (from a viewing perspective) when downsampling imagery
> data?
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