[FWTools] table to ESRI shapefile

Woolard, Zachary S. zwoolard at moorecountync.gov
Thu Mar 5 13:57:01 EST 2009

You can use the delimited text plug-in in QGIS to import the file then
save it as a shapefile.



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I have a table where the first four rows define the XY points vertices
of a
(square) polygon, the next four rows define another polygon, and so on.

id      X     Y
1	57.482	6.08
1	56.866	6.206
1	56.761	5.693
1	57.376	5.566
2	60.734	1.119
2	60.123	1.249
2	60.014	0.729
2	60.625	0.598

Is there an FTtools approach to making this table into an ESRI vector
polygon shapefile?

Thanks for any advice,


Greg Fiske
The Woods Hole Research Center
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