[FWTools] Mapinfo > Postgres > Mapinfo conversion problems

tim mortimer timortimer at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 19 12:02:02 EST 2010

I'm experiencing a few  conversion problems between MapInfo and Postgres
using ogr2ogr on WIndows:

The command *ogr2ogr -f "PostgreSQL" "PG:host=xxx user=yyy dbname=db
password=zzz" table_name.tab*  works basically OK but I experience a number
of translation problems.

Firstly, if the original windows file name has spaces or periods(.) these
seem to act as escape char's and result in a truncated table name in
Postgres. I've tried all the combination of "" and ' ' around the file name
without success. Is there a solution to this?

Secondly, the uppercase attribute column titles are all translated to lower
case e.g. "FlowersMay" is created as "flowersmay". Is there a way of
preserving the case?

Going the other way with *ogr2ogr -f "MapInfo File" new_table_name.map
"PG:host=xxx user=yyy dbname=db password=zzz" "table_name"* again basically
works OK but this time all the columns are created in the new mapinfo table
in a different order than in the Postgres table. Again, is there something
I've missed?

Thanks in anticipation,

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