[FWTools] incorrect data for EPSG:3120 in FWTools2.4.2 and 2.4.6

Damian Krysian dkrysian at tmce.pl
Wed Jan 27 04:30:49 EST 2010

Hello, I'm sorry for my English.... 
Problem occurs while converting data between EPSG:3120 and EPSG:4326 - output geometry is moved ~100m from correct position.
I must use correct datafiles from FWTools2.2.8.

And another problem:
when converting data between EPSG:3120 and EPSG:2178 ogr2ogr always return incorrect position, but when converting EPSG:3120 --> EPSG:4326 and then EPSG:4326 --> EPSG:2178 position is correct! anybody knows why?
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