[FWTools] gdal georaster

Jeff Ruby jgr007 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 11:31:00 EST 2010

> In fact it is becoming increasingly likely that I won't be producing any
> new FWTools releases!  I don't have the old build machine and I'm increasingly
> inclined to focus on OSGeo4W on windows.

That's too bad.  I found FWTools to be MUCH easier to setup that
OSGeo4W.  We just run the exe and we have a working shell with GDAL,
Python and OpenEV.  You just open the shell and go.  It has the latest
dev version of GDAL and all the python scripts just work.

I still haven't actually gotten all the same things working with
OSGeo4W...though I really haven't tried all that hard because I would
just default back to FWTools.  To do the same think in OSGeo4W seems
to require a lot more work.  I have to figure out what to click to get
the latest GDAL, then (I think) I'll have to remap paths so it doesn't
use the lastest stable version.  I still don't think I've figured out
how to get the GDAL python scripts to work.  Probably none of that is
very hard to figure out with a little effort, but
Setup->Next->Next->...->Done is a lot easier...especially when we're
doing in on 30+ machines and less knowledgeable folks configuring

There is a TON of good stuff in OSGeo4W, but it's tough to beat
simplicity of FWTools for using the latest dev GDAL.

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