[FWTools] gdal JPEG2000 driver and shp2img , MapServer

karsten vennemann karsten at terragis.net
Thu Feb 17 02:55:17 EST 2011

I am trying to create a huge map in JPEG2000 format using shp2img or MapServer. On the machine I am using (a windows laptop winxp serv pack 3) I have multiple version of gdal (FWTools, OSGEO4W and MS4W´).

The version of gdal_translate that comes with the FWTools ( version 2.4.6) lists that the gdal driver for JPEG2000 is available. However, when I am trying to use a map file to reference 2 layers:
1. massive sized hillshade in JPEG2000 format (1.1 GB big)
2. satellite imagery from NASA Bluemarble (400 MB file size as TIFF)

The final composite map output has to be a high resolution image (yes just one) in 300 dpi ... and I will need it in JPEG2000 format because that output will result to be about 500 MB big...

However  when I try to use shp2img from the FWTools\bin directory 
or MapServer directly with query string) then I get an error message saying that shp2img or MapServer have no such JP2ECW (which is the jpeg 2000) driver available ...

I this somehow a path issue ? - such that shp2img.exe or mapserv.exe will not use the correct version of gdal drivers (and instead another gdal lib hat does not have the drivers)?
Any ideas what I can do to fix this ?


PS : Note to spice this up, I had the project ready in ArcGIS to export and the export failed since ArcGIS does not export maps in JPEG2000 format (it can do individual rater data though)  and the other formats rendered all night because the output was becoming to huge for windows to handle ;)
So I was hoping to tackle this in shp2img / MapServer  :)

Karsten Vennemann

2119 Boyer Ave E 
Seattle, WA  98112

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