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David Litvak dlitvak at consultoresgis.com
Thu May 19 12:09:00 EST 2011


Sorry for the typo... i was refering to the correct EPSG...
That was just what I needed... though I got another different workaround for
it that got it solved =)
That had nothing to do with my app haha... (though I might think to getting
back to solving this through the app... cause I think it would make things a
lot quicker...)

The problem was at the integration between PostGIS and Mapserver... I solved
it changing the DATA parameter of my layers at the generated .map file...
(Mapserver was reading 4326... while PostGIS was delivering 900914... that
was why I was trying to force PostGIS to get 4326... actually letting the
user choose which to enforce)
Right now... I'm letting ogr2ogr assume the Spatial References... so that
makes me manually change the .map files...

I'll see if a can get any workaround that flows better...

I'm hearing suggestions =)

Again... thanks!

> On 11-05-18 12:44 PM, David Litvak wrote:
> > I'm Making a front-end application for using ogr2ogr to upload files to a
> > PostGIS database
> >
> > My problem is that when i use the -a_srs, -t_srs or -s_srs... the path
> for the
> > proj_lib folder where the EPSG projs are stored is not defined... so i
> cant
> > access them...
> ...
> > The function that retrieves me the -a_srs, -s_srs or -t_srs string is
> > toPostGisObject.getSistemaGeografico()
> > which returns i.e. "-a_srs EPGS:4326 " when  WGS84 is selected at the
> Form...
> >
> > When running the process... it retrieves me the following error:
> >    Failed to process SRS definition: EPGS:4326
> >
> > Is there any Enviroment variable or anything i have to set for
> redirecting the
> > proj_lib path??
> David,
> First, please ensure that you are using EPSG:4326 not EPGS:4326.  Second
> you can set the PROJ_LIB and GDAL_DATA environment variables to point to
> the relavent directories to ensure that PROJ.4 and GDAL can find their
> coordinate system definitions.
> The PROJ_LIB environment variable should point to a directory containing
> the init file "epsg".  The GDAL_DATA environment variable should point to
> a directory containing the files gcs.csv and pcs.csv.
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