[ka-Map-dev] overlay layer -> embrio phase

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Fri Feb 17 14:20:27 EST 2006

Me and Andrea completed our first study on the object overlay.
I have to say it is far to be complete, anyway I'll like feedback and  

Click on "init overlay" to see the KML object drawn.
Click on "remove overay" to delete the image and the legend item.

You can drag to move and zoom as usual. objects are tiled as a normal  
layer and the can be manage for visibility, transparence and z-indexing  
as usual.

this is the KML file: 

Hope to activate the image map layer ASAP. This means that each object  
will have his onclick or mouseover event available and customizable  
(as: myOnClick...).

It has to work with each browser. Developed under Firefox 1.0.7 and  
1.5. Tested (quickly) on Safari  1.0.
please test with IE for us.


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