[ka-Map-dev] imagemap

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Mon Jul 24 10:40:44 EDT 2006

Hi Paul, Steve, all developers,
I've started again watching at a ka-map solution to show a very large  
amount of points.

I've added Steve Lime as CC that may be interested in this issue.  
Otherwise I'm sorry Steve, I'll not disturb you further.

I think everybody knows this site:

when you click on all categories on the right, lots of points are  
shown in the map and mouse over event is implemented showing  
tooltips. as you can see, often tips are grouped.

Printing point as a normal ka-map/mapserver layer seems the same  
solution. For event handling I'm trying to figure how it can be used  
shpxy to generate imagemaps and how this can be used with mapscript.

In both cases a sort of collision system should be implemented.

I'm dreaming that shpxy could filter results doing itself the  
collision system giving a list of Id (or what else) relative to  
single "circle".
Is it possibile?
If yes, how?
and mapscript?

If shpxy can filter output with collision buffer, its output could be  
parsed to permit also a simple img obj DOM appending for each point.  
This is a light solution that could used too. I'm doing some tests  
but I still don't know which is a valuable limit for images to be  
There is a simple application made by me and Andrea some time ago  
that gets WFS point a print them as image obj:

hoping for some lightening suggestion


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