[ka-Map-dev] Foss4g 2007 presentation

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Thu Aug 23 10:12:49 EDT 2007

Hi all, time to define the workshop presentation for FOSS4G 2007.
Paul and I will present ka-Map in Victoria and the abstract has been 

that's the presentation draft:

Actually Paul's part is mainly until slide 34 and my part is the rest 
(until slide 52 for the moment).
As far as I see he has not that much to do to update the old 
presentation except:
- if somebody thinks (and then contribute) some parts needs to be 
- I'm not sure what Paul intended with "Mashup with ka-Map",  maybe 
other available interfaces as WinMan, Aqua, ecc. ? if yes page 34 is 
mine... :-|

I've put some comments inline in red color in slide: 3, 20, 34, 39

I have to revisit my part.
Adding Object, Tooltips and XML Overlay will be done step by step with 
the class. Last year we had some problems maybe because the example was 
too complex... am I wrong?
suggestions are welcome.

as far as they are pretty complex threads GRASS/PyWPS integration, 
ka-Routing, WFS points will just be shown with their features but no 
live customization will be done.

last: Paul, What is GML for in the Workshop Extras?

s5 code in CVS at


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