[ka-Map-dev] Road to version 2

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Sat Mar 24 08:16:34 EST 2007

Paul Spencer wrote:
> Good question.  Does anyone have any opinions on whether ka-Map 1.x 
> should be in SVN?  Personally I assumed we would bring everything from 
> CVS into SVN (including history).

If we move, then we should move 1.x to SVN as well, even if just to 
avoid the confusion of having two repositories.

Here is a possible transition scenario:

1- Give at least a few days of warning to all developers that the 
CVS->SVN move is coming so that they have time to plan their work around 
the migration, commit any edited file to CVS, etc.

2- Import the current CVS tree (including all history) in SVN

3- Create a 1.x branch in SVN

4- The SVN trunk becomes 2.x

>> Note that I've found out the hard way a few days ago that while SVN 
>> maintains history on copied files, you cannot simply "svn update" to 
>> any revision of a file if it has moved.
> I don't understand ... can you elaborate?

I was trying to checkout a specific version of ogr2ogr.cpp from the GDAL 
tree (I think it was r8636), but because the file had moved since that 
version, using 'svn update -r 8636 ogr2ogr.cpp' didn't work. With the 
help of Mateusz on the #gdal channel we found that the only way to 
access the file was 'svn cat -r 8636 ogr2ogr.cpp', which outputs that 
revision of the file to stdout, then you have to save that somewhere and 
work with it, but cannot "update" to a revision of a file that has been 
moved to work on it without checking out the file with its old URL. Oh, 
you could do some fancy svn merge magic too but that essentially gave 
the same result as svn cat.

I could be wrong, but that was my understanding of the way svn worked in 
the end.

> Correct, I did say it wasn't important to me :)  I like the idea of 
> using Trac because it tightly integrates into SVN.  I don't mind if the 
> history bugs are brought over or not.  Unfortunately only hobu knows how 
> to do this, and I think he's pretty busy right now.  If Shawn could do 
> it, that would be okay, I can abuse him ;)

If Shawn could do it that would be great.

> I don't want to move the web site or the mailing lists because I think 
> we get a lot of benefit from being part of the MapTools community.


Daniel Morissette

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