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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Sat Mar 24 15:24:41 EST 2007

Lorenzo, perhaps you could start a CVS-SVN transition page in your wiki?


On 24-Mar-07, at 9:16 AM, Daniel Morissette wrote:

> Paul Spencer wrote:
>> Good question.  Does anyone have any opinions on whether ka-Map  
>> 1.x should be in SVN?  Personally I assumed we would bring  
>> everything from CVS into SVN (including history).
> If we move, then we should move 1.x to SVN as well, even if just to  
> avoid the confusion of having two repositories.
> Here is a possible transition scenario:
> 1- Give at least a few days of warning to all developers that the  
> CVS->SVN move is coming so that they have time to plan their work  
> around the migration, commit any edited file to CVS, etc.
> 2- Import the current CVS tree (including all history) in SVN
> 3- Create a 1.x branch in SVN
> 4- The SVN trunk becomes 2.x
>>> Note that I've found out the hard way a few days ago that while  
>>> SVN maintains history on copied files, you cannot simply "svn  
>>> update" to any revision of a file if it has moved.
>> I don't understand ... can you elaborate?
> I was trying to checkout a specific version of ogr2ogr.cpp from the  
> GDAL tree (I think it was r8636), but because the file had moved  
> since that version, using 'svn update -r 8636 ogr2ogr.cpp' didn't  
> work. With the help of Mateusz on the #gdal channel we found that  
> the only way to access the file was 'svn cat -r 8636 ogr2ogr.cpp',  
> which outputs that revision of the file to stdout, then you have to  
> save that somewhere and work with it, but cannot "update" to a  
> revision of a file that has been moved to work on it without  
> checking out the file with its old URL. Oh, you could do some fancy  
> svn merge magic too but that essentially gave the same result as  
> svn cat.
> I could be wrong, but that was my understanding of the way svn  
> worked in the end.
>> Correct, I did say it wasn't important to me :)  I like the idea  
>> of using Trac because it tightly integrates into SVN.  I don't  
>> mind if the history bugs are brought over or not.  Unfortunately  
>> only hobu knows how to do this, and I think he's pretty busy right  
>> now.  If Shawn could do it, that would be okay, I can abuse him ;)
> If Shawn could do it that would be great.
>> I don't want to move the web site or the mailing lists because I  
>> think we get a lot of benefit from being part of the MapTools  
>> community.
> Cool.
> Daniel
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