[ka-Map-dev] Road to version 2

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Sun Mar 25 17:15:49 EST 2007

Paul Spencer wrote:
> Lorenzo, perhaps you could start a CVS-SVN transition page in your wiki?
> Paul

Good idea Paul

I've tried to put all issues in this page:


I made a fast cut an paste from the mails we've exchanged in this few 
days. I hope I've not lost important points. Anyway this is a wiki page 
and it's easy to change or correct the text.

I invite all developers to participate to this debate.

I have no experience on Project Steering Committees but I think this 
step could be done as first to move smoothly to all our future decisions.

I would like to inform all developers that I've finally a time to 
dedicate to OpenLayer integration. This time is not eternal so I hope 
everybody can help to arrive, as faster as possible, to the definition 
and solutions of all listed issues.
The faster we'll decide, the sooner I'll start working, much time I'll 
have to dedicate to ka-Map code.

thanks for your collaboration

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