[ka-Map-dev] ka-Map Project Steering Committee

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed May 23 05:56:23 EDT 2007

Well done Paul,
I do agree ka-Map needs a PSC to avoid big latency in decision making 
and create an official referent to the public.

my nominations are:

- Paul Spencer  - I don't want to loose the dictator

- Daniel Morrissette - has always been a smart critical voice and good 

- Andrea Cappugi - wrote a lot of code I've committed (but forget CVS 

- Tim Schaub - always a good contributor and an expert voice of both 
ka-Map and OpenLayers.

- Zak James - knows ka-Map as a child and has always a sane opinion.

- David Bitner - a great power user. He's the only one that accepted to 
test quite all my mashups...


Paul Spencer wrote:
> Fellow ka-Mappers ...
> its time to nominate folks for the ka-Map Project Steering Committee, an 
> organization that will be empowered by the community to make some 
> decisions about the future of ka-Map.  All the cool projects are doing 
> it, and we don't want to be left behind!
> I think I am currently the benevolent dictator and I would like to hand 
> over the reigns of power to a more democratic decision making body.
> Please send your nominations to the list, including why you think that 
> the person should be included in the project steering committee.  
> Criteria that have worked for other projects seem to be:
> * direct contributions to CVS
> * helping out on the user list
> * some developers and some (power) users
> * control spread between several organizations or individuals (i.e. not 
> all DMSG employees)
> For a relatively small project like kaMap, I would suggest that we start 
> with a PSC of 3 or 5 members.  Nominations will be accepted for one 
> week.  If there are no nominations, I will dictate the nominations :)
> Cheers
> Paul
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