[ka-Map-dev] Ideas for last minute version 1.1 additions

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Mon Sep 17 13:45:35 EDT 2007

I guess Daniel, is right,
ka-Map has always been pre-configured to work with GMap.
We just need to do the package with the mapfile and the SHP and be sure 
it works out of the box when we download id.

then we just need to update the Wiki adding a fast install doc page.

who wants to check/try?

Luca Casagrande wrote:
> Il giorno 17/set/07, alle ore 19:24, Daniel Morissette ha scritto:
>> Samuel Hiatt wrote:
>>> Do you have data that would be appropriate as sample data 
>>> (lightweight and queryable)?  I think a map of Italy would be 
>>> awesome.  :p  If so, add it to the CVS and I'll try to smooth out 
>>> the bumps so it works on a clean FGS install.
>> Well, the GMap demo contains a mapfile and data for Canada and is 
>> freely redistributable. It used to be that ka-Map came preconfigured 
>> for use with GMap out of the box. I haven't checked recently if that 
>> has changed, but if not then you already have a solution, it's just 
>> that GMap is a separate download instead of being bundled with the 
>> source.
>> BTW, as a software developer my 0.02$ is that demo data should 
>> ideally be kept separate from software source code. Yes it's a good 
>> thing to bundle an easy to install demo dataset, but I think it has 
>> to remain possible and easy to get only the software without the demo 
>> data.
> I think we can split the 2 things:
> - Provide a sample mapfile (for example in htdocs) and a sample 
> config.php with the sourcecode.
> - In the download section, add a link to the sample data.
> Luca
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