[ka-Map-dev] Ideas for last minute version 1.1 additions

Luca Casagrande luca.casagrande at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 13:42:53 EDT 2007

Il giorno 17/set/07, alle ore 19:24, Daniel Morissette ha scritto:

> Samuel Hiatt wrote:
>> Do you have data that would be appropriate as sample data  
>> (lightweight and queryable)?  I think a map of Italy would be  
>> awesome.  :p  If so, add it to the CVS and I'll try to smooth out  
>> the bumps so it works on a clean FGS install.
> Well, the GMap demo contains a mapfile and data for Canada and is  
> freely redistributable. It used to be that ka-Map came  
> preconfigured for use with GMap out of the box. I haven't checked  
> recently if that has changed, but if not then you already have a  
> solution, it's just that GMap is a separate download instead of  
> being bundled with the source.
> BTW, as a software developer my 0.02$ is that demo data should  
> ideally be kept separate from software source code. Yes it's a good  
> thing to bundle an easy to install demo dataset, but I think it has  
> to remain possible and easy to get only the software without the  
> demo data.

I think we can split the 2 things:

- Provide a sample mapfile (for example in htdocs) and a sample  
config.php with the sourcecode.
- In the download section, add a link to the sample data.


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