[ka-Map-users] AGG ("anti grain graphics") or OpenGL

Steve Lime steve.lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Thu Aug 4 08:39:46 EDT 2005

All: I'm not sure where funding stands. I've been reading up on and playing a bit with the various libs and am not convinced either Cairo or AGG are ready for primetime. Neither are complete or well documented and are basically one person research projects. I threw out another option of ImageMagick which has anti-aliased drawing capabilities, is well established and very robust, and some interesting image processing capabilities (such as convolution filtering) not found in GDAL. Worth a look anyway. I plan on spending at least some time with this regardless of funding...


>>> Paul Spencer <pspencer at dmsolutions.ca> 08/04/05 7:12 AM >>>

I believe the technical decision came down to either Cairo or AGG.  I 
haven't checked with Daniel on the status of getting this funded ... I 
think that was the key issue.  There seemed to be several parties 
interested in contributing small amounts towards getting this done, but 
I don't know if everyone was completely serious about their intentions 
to contribute.

I would imagine that it is still on the books to be done, and I will 
check with Daniel today to get a status.

This is obviously of major interest to ka-map users since they are the 
most likely to benefit from the additional cartographic quality



Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
> Paul,
> I know there was some discussion during/after MUM3 about writing a new 
> back end for mapserver using AGG ("anti grain graphics") or OpenGL, so 
> that we can get some more-accurate drawing, nicer fonts, and curved font 
> labels and faster tile generation. This was specifical to better support 
> ka-map tile generation.
> Is there anything happening on this front?
> -Steve W.
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