[ka-Map-users] AGG ("anti grain graphics") or OpenGL

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Thu Aug 4 09:02:09 EDT 2005


This is great news. Any progress on this front would be great.

It seems that there is little or no interest in investigating OpenGL 
that would give us access to hardware acceleration for rendering. This 
would be desirable from the point of view that it takes forever to pre 
generate all the tiles which is really required for any high bandwidth 
operation that is potentially serving 100's of millions of standard map 
draws a year which will translate into 10-30 times as many tile serves 
per year, but I guess there are not a lot of people with that problem :)

-Steve W.

Steve Lime wrote:
> All: I'm not sure where funding stands. I've been reading up on and
> playing a bit with the various libs and am not convinced either Cairo
> or AGG are ready for primetime. Neither are complete or well
> documented and are basically one person research projects. I threw
> out another option of ImageMagick which has anti-aliased drawing
> capabilities, is well established and very robust, and some
> interesting image processing capabilities (such as convolution
> filtering) not found in GDAL. Worth a look anyway. I plan on spending
> at least some time with this regardless of funding...
> Steve
>>>> Paul Spencer <pspencer at dmsolutions.ca> 08/04/05 7:12 AM >>>
> Steve,
> I believe the technical decision came down to either Cairo or AGG.  I
>  haven't checked with Daniel on the status of getting this funded ...
> I think that was the key issue.  There seemed to be several parties 
> interested in contributing small amounts towards getting this done,
> but I don't know if everyone was completely serious about their
> intentions to contribute.
> I would imagine that it is still on the books to be done, and I will
>  check with Daniel today to get a status.
> This is obviously of major interest to ka-map users since they are
> the most likely to benefit from the additional cartographic quality
> Cheers
> Paul
> Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
>> Paul,
>> I know there was some discussion during/after MUM3 about writing a
>> new back end for mapserver using AGG ("anti grain graphics") or
>> OpenGL, so that we can get some more-accurate drawing, nicer fonts,
>> and curved font labels and faster tile generation. This was
>> specifical to better support ka-map tile generation.
>> Is there anything happening on this front?
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