[ka-Map-users] coordinates

Lorenzo Becchi kamap at ominiverdi.com
Thu Aug 4 10:26:22 EDT 2005

Ups, Paul,
sorry for my error.

In this days we wrote a new class using kaMap Api.
We  developed a Query system to expand KaMap functions.
KaMap naivigation functions are always the same but when you press 'q'
key cursor change (cursor=help) center function is disabled to let you
double click on the map and a popup appairs showing you all available
layers matching the point coordinates you clicked (map_query.php).

You can also search for a string looking for a City name (al the moment
only cities). Try: 'fire' or 'castiglio' and press search button.
On the bottom right you will see names of the cities matching the search
click on a name to see the map centered on the city area.

many things can be implemented
comments are welcome


Il giorno mar, 02/08/2005 alle 16.58 -0400, Paul Spencer ha scritto: 
> Lorenzo,
> in kaMap_pixToGeo, xOrigin and yOrigin are, in fact, initialized.  You 
> must reference them as this.xOrigin instead of this.kaMap.xOrigin.
> To get kaMap to use the xOrigin/yOrigin adjustments, you need to pass 
> true as the third argument.
> Also, this code:
>   alert('gpx: '+gpx);
> should be:
> alert('gpx: '+gpX);
> case-sensitivity!!!
> Finally, you should do all this before calling slideBy as the pixToGeo 
> function may report invalid results depending on whether the slide has 
> started or not ... probably safer to do the conversion before that starts.
> Cheers
> Paul

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