[ka-Map-users] Kamap application Beta Version

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Dec 6 22:37:16 EST 2005

does anyone have a problem with Lorenzo and Andrea's interface  
becoming the default interface in ka-map cvs?  I have no great  
attachment to the current layout and think we should adopt this new  
interface as soon as they are happy.

I only want negative responses (and those should contain rational  
arguments and hopefully alternatives).  I will assume that all others  
agree :)



On 6-Dec-05, at 7:32 PM, Lorenzo Becchi wrote:

> thanks everybody!
> Paul, we planned to tune it up and than put all tested functions in  
> the CVS.
> It will be nice to receive indications on wich function have to be  
> added to the main CVS dir and wich in a separate dir.
> About debugging, I think we have problems with all Opera browsers.  
> We tested just an IE 6 version, Firefox 1.5 and Safari 1.3
> every comment is welcome
> ciao
> Lorenzo

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