Fw: [ka-Map-users] Kamap application Beta Version

enri enri at 163.com
Tue Dec 6 19:41:33 EST 2005

Very very nice. 

For your reference, I found a small problem with keymap double click in my IE6(no problem with my FireFox1.0): when I double click some postion on keymap, the viewport is updated but the bounding box in keymap does not and still stays at the previous position.  I am not very confident with my IE6, so this is just for your reference.



Paul, me and Lorenzo
are close to offer our first release of a kamap implementation.

We have put in it:
1) Table free layout
2) Some kalegend bug fixes
3) Doubleclick keymap bug fixes
4) Query system and postgis search system extent sensible (sorry  it is in italian)
5) New layout (we like it)
6) Reference togler

We are not sure on some functions browser compatibility, we have tested on Firefox, IE 6  and Safari 1. 

Please everybody feel free to comment!
Andrea  and Lorenzo

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                          zhox at 163.com
                          zhox at 163.com

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