[ka-Map-users] Kamap application Beta Version (Andrea Cappugi)

percy percyd at pdx.edu
Tue Dec 6 23:39:19 EST 2005

Very, very nice! Congratulations on an outstanding interface!

A few comments:
I like using the "rolly ball" on my mouse to zoom in and out, but for me 
it is more intuitive to have it zoom IN when I roll it towards me and 
zoom OUT when I roll it away from me. Like I'm pushing or pulling the 
scenery towards or away. This seems to be the standard in other GIS 

I can't seem to get the opacity on the layers to change when I click on 
"diminuisci" or "aumenta". Perhaps I am misunderstanding the use of 
these tools?

The scale bar and other top tools dissappeared when I searched for 
Volterra and the map zoomed to that "Localita". Afterwards, when I 
refreshed the browser, these tools were partly obscured, as if partially 
scrolled offscreen.

When I cleared my cache and reloaded, it behaved normally and I could 
not reproduce the results. HOWEVER, one time when I used the "info" 
tool, the "pan" tool dissapeared...

Considering that all of the javascript should be in my browser, I am 
surprised at how slow some of the interface is. Does anyone have an 
explanation for this?

All of my tests were in Firefox 1.0.4

Again, my highest regards for your work,
GeoData Manager
Geology Department
Portland State University

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