[ka-Map-users] Kamap application Beta Version (Andrea Cappugi)

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed Dec 7 07:18:55 EST 2005

Thanks for all contribution.

1) Interface in CVS
Paul, we would be happy to pubblish it and to see a new release.

2)tollbar icons problem in IE
Jacob, we put hardcoded width and height.
please post answers on the list. thanks for snapshot.

3) zoom icon problems
Pete, is the problem still there ?
remember to empty the cash

4) Layer opacity buttons
Percy, there's always a delay between button clicks and browser
rendering. It happens with all browsers.
Icon are small but it seems to us they work fine even with IE. 
Let us know it's always like that.

5) Slow application
Percy, it could be a traffic congestion on our server that is not so
Another problem could be related to your network. I had similar problems
at home with my DSL. Than I've seen that my firewall was too strict and,
changing it, KaMap started again fast. 
please test and report other AJAX application or other KaMap

6) keymap double-click
Enri, if you start panning after the zoom, the keymap red Div should
start working properly. 
We know this bug but we didn't find a fix yet.


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