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I'm new to ka-map but I've been using mapserver for a while now.  I've been
trying to get ka-map configured on my machine but have run into a few snags.
I'm currently running mapserver 4.8 beta 2, with php 5.1.1,  apache  2.0.55
etc.  and am getting some strange results with ka-map (on windows, I haven't
tried it on linux).  The application crashes apache every time I use it.  I
was able to precache the tiles and that seemed to help things but I was
wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and if you were able to
resolve these.  I'm currently running kamap-0.1.1.  It seems to work a bit
better with the gmap dataset and configuration than with my current data
which I've placed in other locations.  I am able to bring up the tiles I
built but it still crashes (on both my data and on the standard gmap


I originally tried this version of ka-map with an older setup (mapserver 4.4
with apache 1.3 and mapscript 4.4) also with the same apache crash error
(runtime error in apache.exe etc.).  I upgraded to the most recent versions
of mapscript and mapserver in the hopes that this would fix the crash but so
far no luck.


Any help is appreciated.






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