[ka-Map-users] Displaying ka-map images/interface from remote server

Chris G. Stevens cgs6115 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 17 01:35:27 EST 2005

First...great work and the new layout is awesome!!

I'm looking for information on how to display the
ka-map interface in an existing application while the
mapserver installation is separate from the main
webserver (i.e. using fgs on alternate port) or a
completely separate machine (i.e maps.example.com). 
I've done plenty of reading, but I haven't found the
answers yet.  I'm sure Mapserver is capable of this,
but I'm probably not searching with the right terms. 
Maybe "wms" or "wfs" is what I should be focusing on??

For clarification, I would like to display the ka-map
interface within a div inside a Postnuke module that I
am developing while the map data and mapserver run
remotely on a different machine entirely.  I would
also need to be able to query the ka-map setup for
lat/longs on the map from the click, etc...

My current setup is fgs + ka-map cvs (~12/14/2005) on
FC4.  FGS is on 8080 and my system installed apache is
on 80.

The end goal on this is a flight tracking application,
but that's a long way off.

Thanks in advance!

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