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Peter Giencke pgiencke at glc.org
Tue Dec 20 08:11:36 EST 2005


I've skirted this issue in IE (somewhat) by increasing the default tile size
from 200x200 to something a bit bigger, roughly 2.5X in areal size. Although
it ends up being the same data volume to load (obviously), IE seems to
*appreciate* not having to load so many separate tiles.


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I have had a lot of problems with IE, because it seems to try to load
everything at once.
l) Maybe in part because our server is not up to the load, although Firefox
always worked fine. 

I suspect that Internet Explorer can not deal with loading too many files at
the same time. In Ka-Map, the number can rise very quickly, especially with
a few groups. Maybe it would be possible to design a 'queue' where images to
be loaded get put on, and then control it to only load a few images at a
time. Currently IE tries to download >120 images at once, which it obviously
can't anyway.



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