[ka-Map-users] [PATCH] Fix IE refresh

Ehud Shabtai eshabtai at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 10:58:31 EST 2005


Here's a patch which fixes the IE refresh bug (when you hit the
refresh button ka-map does not reload properly).

It was tested on IE and FireFox.

Some details:

It seems that after a refresh the XMLHttpRequest returns really fast
when using IE. So ka-map got the result before it was able to register
its initialization handler.

I just did some code reordering, and now it works fine.

I have a trivial patch which allows to configure layer fetch ordering.
For example on my site (http://www.eshabtai.net/freemap/), if you turn
on the landsat layer, it will always be fetched last, even though it's
in between two other layers. The patch just adds a new meta keyword
"fetchlast", so you can specify specific layers to be fetched last.

Thanks for a great software, ka-map is really amazing.

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