[ka-Map-users] Load only visible group!- GROUP directive

Jon Fatula jonf at cruzio.com
Sat Dec 31 21:43:57 EST 2005

I can confirm that for me, the changes committed to CVS
between 2005-12-25 and 2005-12-29 broke those applications
which used map files that contained no GROUP directives.

Adding "GROUP" directives to each layer fixed the problem...


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It seems the CVS version doesn't like working with a Map without layer
groups defined.

If I use the default gmap75.map (as in config.dist.php) the map is not
shown (as in Shoaib server http://nomad-labs.dyndns.org:8090/kamap/).

To get the map working I had to add a "GROUP" directive to each layer
in gmap75.map.

Is that?

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