[ka-Map-users] Ka-map version 0.1.1 seems to have a couple of problems

Ed Cooley ecooley at strategy5.com
Fri Jul 1 15:42:51 EDT 2005

Ka-map version 0.1.1 seems to have a couple of problems.  I have both 0.1.0
and 0.1.1 installed and 0.1.1 is from both CVS and the tar download.

1. Internet explorer v6 sp2: I get the main template page, about 5 second
delay then an alert box.  Stock overflow at line: 2 and it draws no maps.

2. Firefox works somewhat but is slow drawing the map (even when it is

3. Panning gets stuck only in version 0.1.1 while 0.1.0 works flawlessly

4. The icons and map images in ie6 under xp get the wrong address when using
a non-standard port.  We use 9971 as the port and the url for the images
gets changed from http://mapserver.strategy5.com:9971/images/expand.png to

5. kind of a petty deal but the icon at the lower right links to
kamap.maptools.org which doesn't exist instead of ka-map.maptools.org like

Anyone else has issues like this or have I messed up the installation?


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