[ka-Map-users] Ka-map version 0.1.1 seems to have a couple of problems

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Jul 4 07:24:05 EDT 2005


version 0.2 should be out this week and will include a lot of bug fixes 
and new features that may address (some of?) your problems. 
Particularly, I think I've improved performance back to the original 0.1 
version (panning gets stuck) and fixed a bunch of IE problems.

re 5 below, thanks, I'll update the cvs version of index.html with that 



Ed Cooley wrote:
> Ka-map version 0.1.1 seems to have a couple of problems.  I have both 0.1.0
> and 0.1.1 installed and 0.1.1 is from both CVS and the tar download.
> 1. Internet explorer v6 sp2: I get the main template page, about 5 second
> delay then an alert box.  Stock overflow at line: 2 and it draws no maps.
> 2. Firefox works somewhat but is slow drawing the map (even when it is
> cached). 
> 3. Panning gets stuck only in version 0.1.1 while 0.1.0 works flawlessly
> 4. The icons and map images in ie6 under xp get the wrong address when using
> a non-standard port.  We use 9971 as the port and the url for the images
> gets changed from http://mapserver.strategy5.com:9971/images/expand.png to
> mapserver.strategy5.com:9971:9971/images/expand.png.
> 5. kind of a petty deal but the icon at the lower right links to
> kamap.maptools.org which doesn't exist instead of ka-map.maptools.org like
> 010.
> Anyone else has issues like this or have I messed up the installation?
> Ed
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