[ka-Map-users] Ka-map!

Ben Nolan ben at ripcord.co.nz
Wed Jul 20 19:44:15 EDT 2005

Hi Paul,

No particular reason I'm not using getCJS, I just disabled it to make my 
development environment a bit simpler (less to go wrong) - I haven't 
tested on a low b/w connection yet - but I'll probably enable GZIP 
compression (either in apache, or via php) at some stage.

Some good javascript programs (stylistically / architecturally) are:


And one thing that I think ka-map could benefit from would be more use of

this.someFunction = function(x,y,z){
   return 'blah';

My biggest worries about ka-map at the moment are:

[1] The global namespace pollution
[2] Many files
[3] Lots of checks and compatibility for older browsers (I target only 
ie6/safari/mozzi myself).

The best thing that we could do with Ka-map would be to replicate the 
Google Maps API. That would be an excellent idea (IMHO) and make uptake 
of Ka-Maps much easier for hackers.

Ben Nolan

Paul Spencer wrote:

> Ben, thanks for the feedback.
> I'd be interested in any reference materials that you have on these 
> libraries as I would like to streamline the code if possible and make 
> use of best-practices in javascript programming if possible.
> One area that I am particularly interested in is minimizing potential 
> memory leaks, especially in IE since it seems so severly affected by 
> this type of problem.
> Cheers
> Paul
> PS any particular reason why you are not using the getcjs.php script 
> to strip down the javascript code?  I only ask because I'm on dialup 
> and I noticed the difference in initial load time.
> Cheers
> Paul
> Ben Nolan wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> Thanks for ka-map, it's bloody great. I'm using it here:
>> http://maps.guide.org.nz/mapserver/?q=wellington
>> I gotta say that the javascript code is pretty ugly (I've been a JS 
>> developer for 3/4 years so I'm more object / prototype oriented) - 
>> when I've got time, I intend to port ka-map so that it works better 
>> with behaviour and prototype (two modern javascript libraries) and is 
>> a bit lighter.
>> Anyway - just to say thanks for the work - you've done an excellent job.
>> Regards,
>> Ben Nolan
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