[ka-Map-users] no mapfile and blank screen

Shoaib Burq saburq at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 00:36:27 EDT 2005


I just downloaded the latest cvs version of ka-map.

After installing it in fgs-gmap app I get a: 
1. blank grey clinet window, and 
2. no "GMap" in the drop down maps list.
3. a black horizantal line runs across the main map window.
I have looked a the output from 

aszScales=new Array(15000000,7500000,3000000,1000000);
var map = new _map( 'gmap', 'GMap', 0, 3, aszScales);
map.addLayer( new _layer( '__base__', true, 100 ) );
this.addMap( map );
this.server = 'http://localhost:8080/ka-map/';
this.tileURL = 'tile.php';this.selectMap('gmap');
which I thought looked quite normal

I have verified the location of mapfile and other variables in
config.phpfor correctness.

Not sure where else to look for what's going wrong

I looked at the output of http://localhost:8080/ka-map/test.php

There are quit a few warnings but I'm don't know how to interpret them...

Any pointer?

Thanks heaps

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