[ka-Map-users] Resizing map?

Andy Gross andy at andygross.org
Mon Jul 25 15:49:12 EDT 2005

Hello, ka-map-users -

Great app!  I've been wanting to make an AJAX map for awhile but the  
javascript kills me every time :)  You all have done a great service !

Anyways, I'd like to integrate the map into my page, but would like  
it to be smaller.   Naive attempts at changing it via the CSS, tile  
size, table width, etc, seem to have failed.   Is there an easy way  
to do this?

Also, what element ids and document structure does the javascript  
depend on/assume are in the HTML page?  Divs called 'legend',  
'viewport', 'scalebar', etc, obviously, but are there any guidelines  
for embedding a ka-Map in an existing page?

Thanks in advance,


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