[ka-Map-users] Demonstrations w/Ka-Map

Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Thu Jul 28 12:01:52 EDT 2005

Oh yeah, that map is only 1024 wide :)  I'll try to dig up the bluemarble 8 bit data that I do have.  I think it's on http://spatialguru.com/maps/app/global/ but I'm not sure.  I think was always wayyy dark.

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On Thursday 28 July 2005 16:33, Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> Tim, have you considered downsampling the image to 8 bit?  I did it one
> this simple map and it looked pretty good at the global level anyway.
> http://spatialguru.com:8888/ka-map/

Im not convinced - look at this:


My map is on the left and yours on the right. But maybe thats partly due to 
the fact that yours is resampled - I'll give a try some time and see how it 
looks. Thanks


> Hi Ed
> You are wecome to my map file. See attachment. Note in ka-map you have
> to=20 specify PNG24 in the config.php (at teh end of the line wher ethe map
> scale= s=20
> are specified) as it doesnt seem to read this from the map file. If you
> don= t=20
> do that the blue marble dataset will look .... yuk.....
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