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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Nov 2 20:00:45 EST 2005


ka-Map provides a function to plot point data over top of the map  
(addObjectGeo in kaMap.js).  Using this function, it is possible to  
create images and add them as overlays, then update the position in  
'real-time' without changing the map data underneath.

However, to build this kind of functionality requires a bit of an  
investment in time to understand some of how ka-Map works and some  
reasonable knowledge of javascript.  Its not for the faint of heart!!!



On 2-Nov-05, at 6:02 PM, Matthew Edmondson wrote:

> I fairly new to GIS (3 months) but have been using and have  
> successfully set up a mapserver/chameleon server. One of the  
> requests I have now received was to present constantly updated data  
> on a web map.
> I searched the ka-map archives list but didn't find an answer to  
> the following question: Is it possible to have most of the data  
> stay cached on the client side but refreshing a individual point  
> data layer to give to appearance of real time updates, without the  
> need to have the background GIS data refreshing with it.
> Thanks,
> Matt
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