[ka-Map-users] Layers in gmap

SV Vahid sv_vahid at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 30 10:59:09 EST 2005

Dear ka-mappers,

I encounter a strange behaviour when turning layers on/off in ka-map with 
gmap (works correctly for 'global weather' shown in 

I am using the CVS version, and before adding groups to the layers, the 
whole map is shown. After I add group names to the layers, the map starts 
empty. The problem is that when I activate the layers by clicking on their 
checkboxes, they overwrite eachother. So if I activate 'Water' I see it and 
if I activate 'Borders' after that I only see Borders, so it draws over the 
'Water' layer. Only layers with a higher hierarchy overwrite the lower ones, 
so had I activated 'Water' after 'Borders', I would get the same result. So 
if I activate all the layers, I would only see the one in the bottom of the 

Does anyone know why this is ?

Thanks, Vahid

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