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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Oct 17 20:22:03 EDT 2005

Hi Luca,

ka-map doesn't work exactly as you would expect coming from a  
strictly mapserver background.

You will need to designate a directory as your cache directory and it  
needs to be writable by the web server user.  It does NOT need to be  
web-accessible.  ka-Map requests tiles through the tile.php script in  
the ka-Map/htdocs directory.  This script checks the cache  
directories for an existing image and returns it directly if  
possible.  If the image is not in the cache, then it uses mapserver  
to generate the image.

The one exception to this is the keymap code which currently uses the  
settings for imagepath and imageurl from the map file, but I plan to  
change that at some point.

To diagnose the problem, try loading the page in firefox and view  
page info, then click the media tab.  You should see a bunch of URLs  
pointing to tile.php ... try grabbing one and loading it directly to  
see if there are error messages being generated.

Note also that ka-Map is somewhat sensitive to the values you set in  
config.php ... i.e. you need to give the correct path to a map file  
and useful scale values.



On 17-Oct-05, at 7:16 PM, ataka at inventati.org wrote:

> Hi kaMap-list,
> I'm a kaMap's new user,
> I've installed and configurated kaMap with  demo gmap-ms40,
> but there is a problem: kaMap writes images in directory /tmp/ (in  
> this
> directory everyone can write there--chmod 777)
> but i can't see them on the browser.
> I put gmap-ms40 directory into kamap  directory
> and i rewrite the path of gmap75.map like this:
> SHAPEPATH "/Library/WebServer/Documents/kamap/gmap-ms40/data"
> IMAGEPATH "/Library/WebServer/Documents/kamap/gmap-ms40/htdocs/tmp"
>  IMAGEURL "/tmp/"
> I' ve done the same for the other files .map
> What's the matter ?
> Thanks.
> Luca
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