[ka-Map-users] Clipping of street names

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Oct 17 20:25:24 EDT 2005


there is supposed to be a new setting in mapserver 4.6.1 (?) that  
allows you to control an edge buffer that should prevent labels from  
rendering in the edge of the map to avoid this particular problem.   
If you are not running the most recent 4.6 then I suggest updating to  
this version.

The code in tile.php that relates to this is:

/* Tell MapServer to not render labels inside the metaBuffer area
  * (new in 4.6)
  * TODO: Until MapServer bugs 1353/1355 are resolved, we need to
  * pass a negative value for "labelcache_map_edge_buffer"
$oMap->setMetadata("labelcache_map_edge_buffer", -$metaBuffer);

metaBuffer is set in config.php



On 17-Oct-05, at 6:19 PM, Tyler Mitchell wrote:

>> We have been playing with kamaps and we have hit a glitch on
>> printing
>> street names on the map. It seems that kamaps or mapserver (we are
>> not
>> sure which is giving us problems) is clipping place names at the
>> tile
>> joins. The strange thing is that it doesn't occur in every instance.
>> Rendering the map directly from map server works fine.
> Hi John,
> We had similar issues, it's entirely related to the tiling  
> methodology and how MapServer is rendering those pesky labels.  I  
> changed the config.php settings for tile height and width to:
> $tileWidth = 400;
> $tileHeight = 400;
> cleared my cache and recreated the maps.  Looks a lot better now.   
> Play around with larger or smaller values and see if that helps.
> Hope this helps you out.
> Tyler
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