[ka-Map-users] Clipping of street names

John Clegg john.kamap at projectx.co.nz
Tue Oct 18 16:32:12 EDT 2005

Hi ,

Thanks for the info.

We have been using mapserver 4.4.1 as per the default ka-maps 
installation. I have just installed mapserver 4.6.1 and have tested our 
map data. Unfortunately the clipping problem still exists.

I have discovered that if I increase the metaBuffer to equal to the size 
of the tiles, the frequency of clipping is minimised.

I am using tile sizes of  w 256, h 256 and buffer of 256. What tile or 
buffer size configurations are you using ?



Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Paul Spencer wrote:
>> John,
>> there is supposed to be a new setting in mapserver 4.6.1 (?) that  
>> allows you to control an edge buffer that should prevent labels from  
>> rendering in the edge of the map to avoid this particular problem.   
>> If you are not running the most recent 4.6 then I suggest updating 
>> to  this version.
> MapServer 4.6.0 had this too but none of the 4.4.x versions had it, so 
> you need MapServer 4.6.0 and up.
> Daniel

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