[ka-Map-users] Clipping of street names

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Oct 19 17:27:22 EDT 2005

John Clegg wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> Hmmmm. Something is definitely strange, I think that something else may 
> be wrong with my configuration, as the smaller the metaBuffer setting 
> the more street names are being clipped. (See the example gif - this 
> uses a metaBuffer of 10 - thjis was generated with mapserver 4.6.1 and 
> kamaps 0.1.1)
> I have noticed that the problem seems to exclusively exist when 
> mapserver tries to print out another copy of the street name. (see 
> attach gif - "Brandon Street" prints twice and the second label is 
> clipped" )
> Have I configured something wrong in mapserver ?

I presume that you did clear the ka-map cache and your browser cache to 
make sure this was not a caching issue?

If you did, then perhaps there's a bug in MapServer's handling of the 
edge buffer setting for some specific cases. Unfortunately I don't have 
time to dig into this now. Has anyone come accross this same issue with 
MapServer 4.6.1?

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