[ka-Map-users] kaMap API wrapper

Brent Pedersen bpederse at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 12:50:53 EDT 2005

sent this yesterday, didn't seem to go through.

hi all, i've been hacking a little on kaMap. thought i'd share what id done 
as i think it might be useful with some work.

the stuff is at: (not index.html)

and the new kaMap methods are in:

there is a kaMap.setSize(xPix,yPix) to resize the map.

there is kaMap.addControl(constructor,div_id,..) to provide a common 
constructor to add controls such as navigator, legend, etc. 

i added new zoom controls so now they can be added via

oMap.addControl(kaZoomIn, 'div_id','path_to_icon')
and likewsie for kaZoomOut where oMap is and instance of kaMap.

also, i added an addOverlay method to easily add points (icons) on the map 
(ala google maps) that respond to events. mostly i just implemented what 
paul had said in an email i found in the archives. 

see the index2.html above for the documentation and examples.

most of this was just quick hacks which were simple thanks to the work 
already done. i think that the addOverlay will only work with the CVS 
version?? dont know really. 

any feedback welcome. paul, if you can use this, or have suggestions please 

also, is there a way to keep the icons above the map on drag?
and how to change the cursor when it's above an overlay?
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