[ka-Map-users] Ka-map zoombox/rubberband example

Peter Giencke pgiencke at glc.org
Thu Sep 8 13:00:28 EDT 2005


I got a quick and dirty zoombox/rubberband function written last night, it's

For now, it's using ka-map's zoomToExtents function which is fed the
coordinates of the zoombox. Admittedly, this solution requires a fair number
of available scales (I'm using 4) to match the zoombox to the map's extent.
It's a fairly straightforward solution, using a div and css(loslrs.css) to
create the zoombox, and overrides (loslrs.js) ka-map's mouseup, mousedown,
and mousemove functions to control it.

Comments, questions, etc, lemme know,

PS our server is being slow today, so the app might be a bit sluggish....

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a rubber band zoom has not been done yet, I would love to have one. 
However, for ka-Map I think it is important to implement a rubber band zoom
that is sensitive to both the aspect ratio of the current view AND the
available scales.  This means that the box should be drawn in the same ratio
of width to height and it should be drawn in sizes that match what the user
will seem when they actually zoom.  This means that the box will 'snap'
between various pre-set sizes as the user moves the mouse.

I'm not opposed to a different type of rubber band zoom, but I think this
one is the most visually accurate for the user and is the one I am most
likely to want to add :)  If you implement it differently and want to
contribute it, I'd like to hear arguments for/against my proposal from the
others on the list


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