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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Sep 9 09:41:08 EDT 2005

I'm going to try to do that next week.  I'd really like to get an 
implementation of the query stuff and a couple of other fixes in there 
first, then cut a release.

re the Chameleon thing ... I'm still not entirely sure what the best way 
forward is with this.  One way is to put ka-Map into Chameleon, but that 
introduces a whole host of problems that I am not yet prepared to deal 
with.  The other way is to bring some of the templating pieces of 
Chameleon into ka-Map.  This also introduces problems.

Community MapBuilder already has a very 'Chameleon' style way of doing 
things so the optimal route would likely be to have a ka-Map 'widget' in 

Of course, this is just me and my (unfunded and currently funded) 
priorities.  These can be changed by funding opportunities and 
contributions from others in the community.



Lorenzo Becchi wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> is it scheduled a new update/release of the stable version with some of 
> the last features of the CVS (or from the mailing list)?
> Some person are very interested in KaMap, they are not developer, but 
> they would like to see a version closer in feature to Chameleon (as 
> example).
> Let us know if you are expecting to arrive at a certain point of develop 
> and if/how we can help.
> Lorenzo
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